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Along with those listed below, there is one other NGO in Portugal that provides support to female survivors of sexual violence: A UMAR – União de Mulheres Alternativa e Respost.

APAV, Victim Support Portugal

Rua José Estêvão
135 A, Piso 1
1150-201 Lisboa
Telephone:+351 21 358 79 00
Description of service:

APAV, Victim Support Portugal, provides support to all types of victims including sexual violence victims.

APAV has a network of victim support offices in Portugal, and the website details the location, contact details, opening times and a map showing the location of each office.

Contact details of each of the offices centres can be found on the website.

Additional information:

This document provides information & guidance for British nationals who are victims of rape or sexual assault in Portugal.

Associação de Mulheres contra a Violência – AMCV (Association of Women against Violence)

R. João Villaret 9
1000-182 Lisboa
Telephone (support):+351 213802160
Description of service:

A Associação de Mulheres contra a Violência - AMCV:

- ONG de defesa dos Direitos Humanos de Mulheres, Jovens e Crianças e combate a todas as formas de Violência de Género e de discriminação;
- modelo de intervenção centrado na segurança e identificação das necessidades e no apoio e respeito pela tomada de decisão informada por parte das sobreviventes, numa perspectiva de empowerment e promoção da autonomia
- Serviços especializados de atendimento/acompanhamento técnico e advocacy para mulheres, jovens e crianças sobreviventes de Violência de Género, incluindo Violência Sexual e Violência Doméstica (1 Centro de Atendimento e 2 casas de abrigo)
- Grupo de Ajuda Mútua e Grupo de Mulheres Auto-representantes, sobreviventes de violência de género.

The Association of Women Against Violence – AMCV:
Women Human Rights NGO combating all forms of Gender Violence, including sexual violence, and discrimination against Women, Young people and Children;
- Intervention model focused on the respect for the informed decision-making by the survivors, taking into account their safety and needs identification, in a empowerment perspective and promoting autonomy
- Specialized services service on counselling and advocacy for women, young people and children survivors of gender violence, including sexual violence, and domestic violence (1 Centre and 2 shelters)
- Self help groups and self-representative Group of Women survivors of Gender Violence

Opening hours:

Counselling and Advocacy Centre is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Languages spoken:

Portuguese, English, French and German

Additional information:

At European level, AMCV is founding member of Women Against Violence Europe – WAVE and is represented on the European Women’s Lobby Observatory on Violence against Women.

At international level AMCV has especial consultative status on ECOSOC.

AMCV has begun its work in 1992 giving support to women survivors of rape by strangers, stumbling upon a huge lack of support and intervention resources, forcing the survivors to a painful and mostly unsuccessful journey through the justice and health system.
Since then, AMCV has been lobbying at national and international level for the changing of the political agendas and legislation, the implementation of specialized services taking into account the survivors needs, their empowerment and protection, as well as for the civil and criminal de jure et de facto accountability of perpetrators .
Over the past decade, Portugal has made significant progress on policy strategies, legislation, scientific knowledge and professionals training, as well as procedures and services supporting victims/survivors of Domestic Violence.
However, a serious gap on resources still remains for other forms of violence against women and gender violence, such as sexual violence and specifically rape. There are still no specialized services for sexual violence, crisis centers. Only a few intervention protocols, especially in forensic expertise have been identified.

Therefore in 2013, AMCV has launched with success a project taking the challenge of contributing for the creation of a national framework on sexual violence intervention, to influence national policies and program strategies, to promote a national intervention model with an articulate multi-agency and gender perspective approach centered on the survivals needs and protection.
"New Challenges in combating Sexual Violence” is a project in the scope of the Active Citizenship Program, co-financed by the European Economic Financial Mechanism (EEA Grants) managed by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and started at February 2014 having a two years duration.

In this context we have launched an on line petition for specialized services on sexual violence and rape. Site: AVAAZ.ORG

In 2014 we hosted, in collaboration with Rape Crises Network Ireland (RCNI), the IV International Conference on Survivals of Rape – IV ICSoR- Rape, Survivors, Policies and Support Systems a European Challenge, which has took place in November 20th- 22nd 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. The IV ICSoR will be hosted by the Association of Women against Violence (AMCV – Associação de Mulheres contra a Violência)