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International Center for Women Rights Protection and Promotion "La Strada"

P.B. 259
MD 2012
Telephone (admin):(+373) 22 23 49 06
Telephone (support):0 8008 8008 National toll free Trust line for women and girls, 24/24 hours. (+373) 22 24 06 24 for call from abroad.
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Email (support)
Social media:Facebook
Description of service:

Centrul International “La Strada” oferă servicii gratuite pentru femei şi fete afectate de violenţă in familie şi violenţă sexuală in Republica Moldova.

Serviciile pentru victimele violenţei sexuale sunt:

Telefonul de încredere pentru femei şi fete – 0 8008 8008 (gratuit, confidențial 24/24 ore, 7 zile în săptămână). Pentru apeluri de peste hotare: + 373 22 24 06 24.

Consiliere psihologică şi asistenţă psihosocială

Asistenţă juridică şi reprezentare în instanţa de judecată

Rapoarte de evaluare psihologică

International Center “La Strada” offers free direct support to women and girls affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Our support services for victims of sexual assault are:

National Trust line for women and girls – 0 8008 8008(free of charge, confidential, 24/24 hours 7 days per week). For calls from abroad - + 373 22 24 06 24.

Psychological counseling and support

Legal support and representations

Psychological evaluation reports

Opening hours:

Trust line for women and girls 0 8008 8008: 24/24, 7 days per week

For psychological counseling and legal support: Monday-Friday 9.00-18.00

Languages spoken:

For counseling: Romanian and Russian
For programmatic issues: Romanian, English and Russian

Additional information:

International Center "La Strada" exists and operates to ensure respect of the rights and legal interests of women and children in the RM to stay free from violence, at all levels – individual, legislative and executive. We do so, by applying a comprehensive change model to our work, through information and education, providing direct support and assistance, strengthening communities and development of policies.

Women's Law Center - Centrul de Drept al Femeilor (CDF)

Str. Sfatul Tarii 27, office Nr. 4
MD-2012, Chisinau
Telephone:(+373) 22 237 306; (+373) 68 855 050
Social media:Facebook
Description of service:

The Women's Law Center offers free, direct support to women victims of sexual violence, that includes domestic violence and rape. We offer legal advice and representation and psychological counselling.

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00, the legal counselling phone number works also on week-ends: 068855050

Languages spoken:

Languages spoken for legal counseling: Romanian and Russian

Language spoken for programmatic issues: Romanian, Russian and English

Additional information:

The Women's Law Center represents a non-governmental organization which ensures - through information, protection and legal assistance - promoting and protecting of women's rights and contribute to decrease the domestic violence in the Republic of Moldova.