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Femmes en détresse (Women in Distress)

18-20, rue Glesener
L-1630 Luxembourg
Telephone (support):0808 802 9999
Email (admin)
Description of service:

Women in Distress a.s.b.l was created in June 1979 by a workgroup within the MLF with as purpose the creation, the development and the management of houses for women in distress and to offer to the women and to their children an effective protection against male violence.

The objective of the association is to contribute to improve the way of living of the women by helping them become integrated into the economic and social life, by guaranteeing them a psychological, legal and social help and by offering them specific formations.

The a.s.b.l. Women in Distress manages :
- The refuge for women victims of violence ( Fraenhaus )
- The refuge for young girls victims of violence ( Meedecherhaus)

As well as the following services :
- SERVICE KRANK KANNER DOHEEM - Sick childcare service at home
- VISAVI - information and consultation service for women
- CFFM - Center for women and single-parent families
- KANNERHAUS – Internal nursery for 0-12-year-old children
- NAXI – Formation and professional integration center for women
- KOPPLABUNZ - Meeting center for women
- FRAENTELEFON - Help service by telephone for women
- SAVVD - Support service to victims of domestic violence
- PSY-ea - Psychological service for children and teenager victims of domestic violence
- OXYGENE - Department of information and raising awareness for girls victims of violence.
Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9-5

Languages spoken:

To be confirmed