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Fachgruppe gegen Sexuellen Missbrauch von Kindern und Jugendlichen (Expert group against sexual abuse of children and juveniles)

Postfach 14
FL.9494 Schaan
Telephone (support):+423 2367227
Description of service:

The interdisciplinary expert group provides help and counseling for people who have a suspicion of sexual abuse of children and juveniles, for girls and boys who are victims of sexual abuse and for familiy members or persons of trust of the affected children and juveniles. The members work voluntarily for the group and are in their main profession psychologists, psychotherapists, pedriatrists and jurists. The expert group also offers training for other professionals, who might encounter sexual abuse of children and juveniles, is engaged in prevention projects and has developed “guidelines for the cooperation of professionals”.

Opening hours:

We do not have an office and, therefore, no opening hours. Contact by phone or email (via our website)

Languages spoken:

The offical language of Liechtenstein is German. We may be contacted in other languages (depending on the language skills of each member).

Frauenhaus Liechtenstein

Postfach 1142
9490 Vaduz Country
Telephone:00423 380 02 03 (24 hours)
Email (admin)
Description of service:

Unser Angebot

Das Frauenhaus Liechtenstein berät und unterstützt Frauen und deren Kinder mit körperlichen, psychischen oder sexuellen Gewalterfahrungen in der Ehe, Lebensgemeinschaft oder im familiären Umfeld. Wir bieten:

  • Schutz und Unterkunft im Frauenhaus
  • Beratung telefonisch oder persönlich in einem externen Beratungsraum
  • Krisen-Intervention
  • Begleitung auf dem weiteren Weg
  • Prävention und Schulungen
Falls Sie aus einem anderen Land kommen und wenig oder keine Kenntnisse in unserer Sprache haben, arbeiten Übersetzerinnen vertraulich mit uns und Ihnen zusammen.
Sie können uns anrufen oder einen Termin für ein persönliches Gespräch vereinbaren.
Wir sind 24 Stunden erreichbar: + 423 380 02 03

Our service

The shelter Liechtenstein provides advice and support to women and their children with physical, psychological or sexual abuse experience in marriage, cohabitation or in the family environment. We offer:

  • Food and accommodation in the refuge
  • Support by phone or in person at an external consulting room
  • Crisis intervention
  • Support and planning for the way forward
  • Preventative training

If you come from a different country and have little or no knowledge of our language, translators will be brought in to work confidentially with us and you.

You can call us or make an appointment for a personal interview.
We are available 24 hours: + 423 380 02 03

Opening hours:

24 hours a day

Languages spoken:

German, English, French, Croatian


Landstrasse 190
FL-9495 Triesen
Telephone (support):+423 236 76 96
Description of service:

Opferhilfestelle is a victim assistance service which provides support to all victims of punishable acts, not only in the field of sexual offences.