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Crisis Centre “Skalbes”

Kungu street 34
Telephone (admin):+371 27722292
Telephone (support):+371 67222922
Social media:Facebook
Description of service:

Society “Skalbes” was established in 1997 as Crisis Telephone. Crisis Centre “Skalbes” was open in 1999 with support of Phare Consensus program, and it was the first professional crisis intervention centre in Latvia. Since then Crisis centre has managed to receive sustainable funding for project “24h psychological help for citizens of Riga city” from Riga Municipality. The aim of non-governmental organization Society “Skalbes” is to provide 24-hour crisis intervention service for for children and adults in crisis situations. “Skalbes” primary activity is to provide in-walk and telephone psychological consultations in crisis situations such as spousal abuse, child abuse, suicide, death of relatives, sudden loss of work, loneliness, terminal illness, etc. This is the first crisis intervention center in Latvia. It also cooperates with other aid organizations in Latvia: police, hospitals, social services, and other psychological aid organizations. Crisis Telephone line 7222922 is available 24 hours, seven days a week, offering psychological consultations and information about aid available in Latvia. Crisis Center “Skalbes” organizes seminars for other organizations in such topics: domestic violence, child abuse, stress and self-help, crisis intervention basic principles, accidents and sudden traumatic events, communication and interrelationship skills. “Skalbes” also organizes support groups for women who suffer from sexual abuse and domestic violence, children and youth support groups, self-support groups for men. Since the Centre started its services, it has successfully implemented a number of projects which had impact on and improved social services in Latvia regarding domestic violence against women, and transfered of our know-how to other countries. Crisis Centre “Skalbes” is experienced in networking, policy development, lobbying, and it successfully co-operates with governmental and local organizations.

Opening hours:

24/7 emotional support for adults and crisis center services for both children and adults.

Languages spoken:


Additional information:

A map of the location of skalbes can be found here.

Resource Centre for Women "Marta"

Riga, Matisa str.49-3
Telephone (admin):+371 67378539
Telephone (support):+371 80002012
Social media:Facebook
Description of service:

Resursu centrs sievietēm “Marta” nodrošina sekojošus pakalpojumus vardarbībā cietušām sievietēm un cilvēktirdzniecības upuriem:

Sociālā darbinieka konsultācijas

Psihologa konsultācijas

Jurista konsultācijas

Atbalsta grupa vardarbībā cietušām sievietēm

Psihologa konsultācijas vardarbībā cietušajiem bērniem

Resource Centre for Women “Marta” provides services for women victims of violence and victims of human trafficking:
Consultations of social worker
Consultations of psychologist
Consultations of legal assistant
Support group for victims of abuse
Consultations of psychologist for the children victims of abuse

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00

Languages spoken:

Latvian, Russian, English, Swedish

Additional information:

Centrs MARTA darbību uzsāka 2000. gada 5. maijā Somijas zviedru sieviešu apvienības MARTHA un Latvijas Sieviešu organizāciju sadarbības rezultātā.

Centrs MARTA ir nevalstiska organizācija, kura mērķtiecīgi strādā, lai sniegtu atbalstu Latvijas sievietēm, arī nepilsonēm un migrantēm, maznodrošinātām un bezdarbniecēm, cilvēku tirdzniecībā un no partneru vardarbības cietušām sievietēm.

Resursu centrs sievietēm MARTA veido sadarbību ar nevalstiskajām organizācijām un attiecīgajām valsts institūcijām nacionālajā un starptautiskajā līmenī.

Resursu centrs sievietēm “Marta” nodrošina sekojošus pakalpojumus vardarbībā cietušām sievietēm un cilvēktirdzniecības upuriem: sociālā darbinieka konsultācijas, psihologa konsultācijas, jurista konsultācijas, atbalsta grupa vardarbībā cietušām sievietēm, psihologa konsultācijas vardarbībā cietušajiem bērniem. Visi pakalpojumi tiek nodrošināti konfidenciāli un bezmaksas.

Centre MARTA started its activities on May 5, 2000, originating from cooperation of the Swedish Martha Association in Finland and Women Organizations of Latvia.

Centre MARTA is a non-governmental organization that aims to provide support to women in Latvia – non-citizens and migrants, women with low income and unemployed women, victims of human trafficking and of domestic violence.

Resource centre for women MARTA establishes cooperation with other non-governmental organizations and the respective public authorities at national and international level.

Resource centre for Women “Marta” provides services for women victims of violence and for the victims of human trafficking: consultations of social worker, consultations of psychologist, consultations of legal assistant, support group for victims of abuse, consultations of psychologist for children victims of violence. All the services are provided confidentially and free of charge.

In addition to the information you already have we can add the Christian organization Freedom61. They are working with women victims of human trafficking.