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Czech Republic

Elektra – Support Centre for Child Sexual Abuse Women Survivors

Chomutovická 1444/2
Praha 4 - Chodov 149 00
Telephone:+420 603 812 361
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Description of service:

We aim to help those who have been sexually abused in childhood and to work to improve responses to sexual abuse. We provide:

  • Crisis intervention for victims of all kinds of childhood sexual abuse
  • Therapeutic help for women and men who were sexually abused in their childhood and victims of rape
  • Professional consultations and short-term intervention
  • Lectures, trainings and seminars for the general public and specialists
  • Publications about sexual violence
  • Media work to highlight the issue of sexual abuse and its impact on the lives of women and their children
  • Work to highlight legislative change to tackle sexual violence in families
  • International cooperation

Our target groups:

  • Former victims of childhood sexual abuse
  • Raped women regardless of their life stories
  • Mothers of abused children
  • Partners of victims
  • Workers such as family, and social workers
Opening hours:

Wednesday and Friday: 9am - 4pm

Languages spoken:

Czech, English (basic)

Persefona z. s.

Jiráskova 216/8
Brno 602 00
Telephone (admin):+420 545 245 996; +420 732 534 024
Telephone (support):+420 545 245 996; +420 737 834 345
Email (admin)
Email (support)
Description of service:

The Persefona organization was founded in 2007 by separation from the program against domestic violence called Liga lidských práv, which provided help and support to victims of domestic violence since 1999.

The mission of the organization is to affect the society in order to perceive all the forms and demonstrations of violence as socially unacceptable acting, independently on place and/or involved parties. The organization struggles for the protection of human rights which could be interfered by this kind of violence.

The Persefona’s mission is fulfilled by three approaches:
- Professional social guidance
- Educational and informative activities
- Expert services and interdisciplinary cooperation

The basic Persefona´s service represents long-term and complex support to victims of domestic violence, sexual abusing and raping for persons over 18 years old and to people who tries to help to the victims. Within the registered service of professional social guidance, we provide to our clients complete social, psychological and legal consultancy.

The aims of the organization
- Provide professional social guidance (social, legal, and psychological)
- Support development of complexity activities in area of supporting people touched by violence
- Spread the awareness, deeply and widely, about the specific forms of violence in expert and amateur society
- Support and develop the multidisciplinary solution of problems with violence act
- Map and do experts analysis in areas of violence behavior
- Propose and push the changes in legislation and systems
- Educate the expert’s groups, students and broad public
- Point out the lacks in the areas of sociality systems behavior, where violence acting occurs

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Languages spoken:

Czech and English

Additional information:

Note on Elektra:

O.s. Elektra is at the moment unable to provide its services to a full extent and free of charge. We will find out whether o.s. Elektra is going to realize some of their written out projects in April 2015. In case of being granted a financial support from Open Society Fund Prague foundation and Norwegian funds we will be able to help adult survivors of sexual abuse again and for free which is currently not possible. O.s. Elektra will provide all its services for a fee until we obtain the necessary funding.

proFem o.p.s

Plzeňská 846/66
150 00 Prague
Telephone (admin):+420 224 910 744
Telephone (support):+420 608 222 277
Social media:Facebook
Description of service:

Posláním proFem o.p.s. je působení na zlepšení situace v oblasti domácího a sexuálního násilí především na ženách, a to prostřednictvím lobbingu, osvěty, vydávání publikací a přímé podpory osob ohrožených domácím násilím či jinou formou násilí.

Tohoto poslání dosahuje pomocí následujících cílů:

  • vydávat poradenské a informační publikace pro veřejnost v oblastech, ve kterých dochází k porušování lidských práv, se zaměřením na domácí násilí.
  • pořádat konference, workshopy a školení pro laickou i odbornou veřejnost
  • poskytovat přímé poradenství a podporu osobám ohroženým domácím násilím či jinou formou násilí
  • upozorňovat společnost na problematické oblasti, ve kterých dochází k domácímu násilí či jiným formám násilí, a to formou veřejných prohlášení,
  • politického lobbingu u zákonodárných institucí a u politického zastoupení,
  • spolupracovat s veřejnými médii či zřizovat média vlastní, za účelem poukázání na problematické oblasti v tématu domácího násilí,
  • aktivně spolupracovat s jinými (nejen) ženskými iniciativami a organizacemi z České republiky a ze zahraničí na těchto problémech.

ProFem o.p.s. is a non-governmental organisation, which focuses on social responses to the violation of women’s rights, particularly in the area of domestic and sexual violence against women. We are focus on the inequality and discrimination of women in other areas, including economucs, for example. We organise public events, conferences and seminars, to raise these issues. We also lobby, we support the creation of shared networks, we publish literature in Czech and in other languages. In addition, we work with foreign organisations, take part in international projects, conferences and seminars and we work with an international network of organisations.
The goal of proFems is to contribute to strengthen the personal, social and political status of women in our society.

Opening hours:

9am to 3pm

Languages spoken:

Czech, English

Additional information:

>We operate the following helplines:
Legal Helpline for Women; Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence
Tuesday 9:00 to 12:00 a.m. and Wednesday 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Phone No.: +420 608 22 22 77

We operate from the following offices:

Plzeňská 66, 150 00 Praha
Dlouhá 97, 261 01
Komunitní centrum Beroun, Bezručova 928, 266 01 Beroun
Masarykovo nám. 1, 256 01 Benešov