All our services are free


If you have suffered Sexual Assault, you're not alone. In all our centers you will find the support you need:

Do not forget that all our services are free.

    If you do not want to go alone, will accompany you to file a complaint and be accepted at the hospital.
    At your disposal are a lawyer who will advise and once she had become, will be private prosecution at trial.

We will put all the necessary resources to help and justice.

Services we provide:

The Center for Assistance to Victims of Sexual Violence provides the following services:

a) Legal Advice

    As private prosecutor.
    Accompanying trial.
    Criminal lawyers are experts on Sexual Violence.

b) Individual therapy and family

    Psychological evaluation.
    Legal expert.
    Psychological reports.
    Support and assistance during the court proceeding conducted by expert psychologists in Sexual Violence.

c) Psychological Support

In all cases of Sexual Aggression, women suffer a traumatic shock and need professional support to overcome the psychological sequelae.

Our Psychologists are here to help you. You will receive individualized therapies to your full recovery.

This support extends to the people closest to you: spouse or partner, which are crucial to your recovery.

Our Centers are your home and they find support and solidarity that you need. You will not find one on the day of trial or at any time in the process.

A social worker will provide you and your family information on social resources at our disposal.

"Do not hesitate to call us.
All your side to fight for justice,
you recover
and do not feel alone "


Federation of Women Rape Assistance

In addition CELLARS is a founding member of the Federation of Women Rape Assistance (FAMUVI).

FAMUVI comprises 10 associations that have Centers Assistance to Victims of Sexual Assault in:



CAVA's website details the location and contact details of the offices of the 10 Associations, as follows: